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Logistics and the supply chain

In order to operate efficiently, i.e. to be able to produce and deliver its products to the market, the Group needs an efficient supply chain.

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In order to operate efficiently, i.e. to be able to produce and deliver its products to the market, the Group needs an efficient supply chain. Given the scale of our operations, every day we transport thousands of tonnes of fertilizers, chemical products and raw materials in Poland and globally. Our logistics and procurement departments work to ensure maximum optimisation of transport services, which translates into financial savings, but also brings tangible benefits to the natural environment. For years now, the Group has been operating a modern TMS SOOT system that facilitates transport processes and, among other things, can be used to communicate with the carriers, report transport events, send delivery notices and notify customers of the shipment dispatch.

We have storage depots across Poland, and we also use warehouses of more than 80 external distributors. We comply with all storage safety standards for our products in accordance with the relevant product data sheets.

Rail transport is the most environmentally friendly and cost effective method of transport for raw materials and products. Its efficient management for the entire Group is the responsibility of Grupa Azoty Koltar, which also owns a modern locomotive repair and maintenance hall.

The Group has its own port assets in Gdynia, Gdańsk and Police. Sea transport of the Group’s products involves mainly full-cargo shipments carried by bulk carriers and chemical tankers, but also large volumes of goods transported in intermodal containers. Our cargo is handled by the container terminals in Gdynia and Gdańsk and by most shipowners operating on the market. Sea transport is used for both fertilizers and chemical products that will be further processed by customers.

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All of the Group’s suppliers are required to comply with our Trading Partners Code of Conduct, which expressly prohibits such practices as:

  • use of child labour throughout the supply chain;
  • use of forced or slave labour;
  • any form of corruption – ‘Zero Tolerance for Corruption’;
  • financing of political parties;
  • money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • violations of fundamental labour rights and the law;
  • employee discrimination. 

The provisions of the Code also oblige contractors to minimise their environmental impacts and to avoid sourcing of raw materials from conflict zones. 

At the supplier selection stage, the potential contractors are required to acknowledge having read the Trading Partners Code of Conduct and the Grupa Azoty Group Code of Ethical Conduct, and then, when signing their contracts, they agree to apply and follow the provisions of both documents. In addition, we sign an agreement with each supplier to assist each other in detecting and combating any cases of misconduct and reporting such cases promptly.

About the Grupa Azoty Group
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About the Grupa Azoty Group