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Stakeholder dialogue

At the Grupa Azoty Group, we provide our stakeholders with accurate and reliable information about our company.

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At the Grupa Azoty Group, we provide our stakeholders with accurate and reliable information about our company. Dialogue is a priority to us as we understand that it is the cornerstone of mutual understanding in a changing environment. We adapt the form and frequency of stakeholder dialogue to the characteristics of a given stakeholder group as well as the expectations and problems relevant to both parties. Responsibility for maintaining the dialogue lies with the heads of individual functional areas of the Group companies, who know best the expectations of individual stakeholder groups.

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Stakeholder map

Stakeholder group
Disclosure expectations
Stakeholder group engagement
Frequency of stakeholder engagement by type
Shareholders, investors, brokerage houses, analysts, rating agencies
  • dividend, share price
  • the Group’s growth strategy, investment and acquisition plans
  • status of key investment projects
  • market challenges and opportunities, e.g. with regard to digital transformation and innovation
  • risk management, with particular focus on ESG, climate and operational risks
  • environmental management performance and plans
  • procedures to be followed for share transfer transactions

  • General Meetings of Shareholders
  • earnings conferences
  • one-on-one meetings
  • newsletter
  • investor conferences
  • regular meetings in the form of site visits
  • special-occasion meetings
  • Wall Street conference organised by the Polish Association of Retail Investors
  • investor chats
In accordance with the requirements resulting from being listed on the WSE:
  • quarterly financial reporting
  • quarterly earnings conferences
  • ongoing communication
  • General Meetings of Shareholders convened at least once a year
  • dialogue and meetings on an as-needed basis
Capital market institutions and associations
  • approach to implementing the new regulatory requirements related to the TCFD package
  • risk management, with particular focus on ESG and climate risks
  • inquiries made in connection with compliance with disclosure requirements
  • opinion polling questions asked when regulatory changes are planned
  • contact links on the website

  • ongoing communication in line with disclosure requirements
  • quarterly earnings conferences
Capital market media

  • requests for the Grupa Azoty Group's comments on current events or its position on specific media or economic news
  • the Grupa Azoty Group’s impact on economic and social development

  • cooperation with investor websites 
  • press conferences

  • quarterly earnings conferences
  • ongoing communication
Local communities

  • expectations as to the continuation of social engagement activities
  • questions concerning new forms of activity as part of partnership with farmers/rural communities
  • questions about participation in conferences and events
  • consultations in the event of regulatory changes

  • meetings with local community representatives (artists, teachers, athletes, businessmen and others)
  • site meetings, participation in local events
  • integrated report
  • participation of the Grupa Azoty Group employees in projects for the benefit of local communities as part of the employee volunteering programme

  • dialogue session
  • site meetings on an as-needed basis
  • outdoor events
  • consolidation changes at the company and their consequences for the company’s trading partners

  • direct communication with contact persons designated by the Group companies
  • website
  • industry meetings, fairs
  • integrated report
  • as needed – on an ongoing basis and periodically

  • loyalty schemes and adaptation of the range of offered products and services to the expectations of a broad group of customers
  • new channels and methods of communication about the Group’s products
  • implementation of new innovative products and technologies

  • website and social media 
  • Grupa Azoty Group image surveys
  • integrated report
  • ongoing activities, opinion/satisfaction surveys once a year
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